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What is reality?
You are a truck driver late at night. There are obstacles on the road you have to dodge. As you get more tired, sometimes you hallucinate obstacles that aren't really there, and you have to try and make yourself more awake: shake your head, slap yourself, or take a swig of your energy drink. Try to keep going for as long as you can!

Source code


Xander - GitHub

Lead Artist

Brandon Gonzalez-Rivera  Artstation


Ernest - Artstation

August - ArtStation

Programmer Lead

Randall Hines - GitHub


Dursh - Github

 Nikita - Github


Avery Pratt - Github

Install instructions

You need a Oculus headset and hand controllers to properly play this game.

Download and unzip the zip file to a location of your choosing and run the exe to play.


SleepyTrucker 0.2.zip 66 MB

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